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photo of the week 2
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this was supposed to be my christmas present for myself

egoman mp3/cd/vcd player
crap piece of shit

was blown away by its low price. a GBA (gameboy advance) would've been a better investment. yes, same price.
what's wrong with it?
1. 10 Energizer bunnies no match against this thing. drains power faster than Dracula. one hour, AA battery's dead.
2. it's got a crap searching tool. it doesn't recognize "folders"/ "albums" so if you want to listen to song #122 of a 155-song mp3 cd, you're going to have a lot of button-pushing to do. yes, it does come w/ an infrared remote, (like a TV remote/ not those little things that are attached to normal portable players though the earphones like
Sony's) but how can you walk around and point that stupid remote at the discman?
3. it's heavy
what's good with it?
1. nice blue color
2. well, the remote's cool if you're gonna watch VCDs, but it's not like I carry a television around. otherwise, the remote is useless/impractical.