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Before "extreme sports", we had surfing, skateboarding and biking. Today, we have extreme skiing, extreme agressive in-line skating and even wall climbing is included in this category. I don't know what those who sell "extreme lifestyles" are trying to do, but come on, let's try to put the fun back into skating and biking!

what do I love?
1. miniature die-cast cars like Hotwheels, Matchbox, Maisto, Micro Machines, Majorette, Bburago, etc.
2. larger scale die-cast cars (1:18 or 1:24)- maybe i'll get myself an F1 replica from Hotwheels for Christmas. Need money.
3. collecting magazines, music and movies
4. flatland BMX
5. skateboarding- true, I can barely skate
6. starting websites and weblogs that I will quit updating after I get sawa with it
7. I used to read  a lot of books and watch a lot of TV. Nowadays I just read magazines and do computer stuff (play GTA3, Bejeweled, go online to download crap, watch movies on PC, take pictures of myself and my toys w/ my webcam, etc.)
I haven't watched TV since mid-August ('02). (It's November '02 now.)
8. Coca-cola, Esprit Lemon flavored water, Jones Soda, salted eggs, anything chocolate, green peas (the plain ones from Taiwan, not the wasabi covered ones from Japan)..

cut myself into pieces, this is my last resort

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